1. three types of blow molding

    The Three Types of Blow Molding

    There are many different ways plastics are shaped to make the items we use everyday, from plastic bottles and forks to trash bags and Lego toys. KW Plastics, a company that buys recycled plastics, has been taking a look at some of the processes of making plastic, from extrusion to injection molding. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the three types of blow molding, which is a process to ma…Read More

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    What is Extrusion?

    Extrusion can be thought of as injection molding’s cousin. Injection molding, which we discussed in detail in our last blog post, is a plastics-making process that injects molten material into a mold, where it hardens and produces replicable products. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what is extrusion. KW Plastics is a company that buys recycled plastics as well as a recycled pla…Read More

  3. injection molding

    What is Injection Molding?

    Plastics are as much a part of our lives as food since so much of what we own, what we use, and what we eat with are made from plastic materials. Plastic is one of the best inventions of the last 100 years. However, there is a big downside to plastic: it takes hundreds of years for plastic to breakdown, creating a huge problem with trash. Luckily, plastic recycling companies, such as KW Plastics, …Read More

  4. recycled plastic manufacturer

    What is Blow Molding?

    Let’s face it, since the invention of plastics, plastics have made our lives easier. A lot of our household goods are made from plastic materials, from our milk jugs and spoons to the plastic water bottles that are sold everywhere. However, unlike other materials that goods are made from, such as wood, plastics take hundreds of years to break down, leaving us with a plastic overload. KW Plastics…Read More

  5. Most Common Types of Plastic

    With “climate change” and “environmentally friendly” being very popular terms right now, the plastic recycling and plastic resin industries are in high demand. It’s becoming more and more clear that plastic products need to be recycled and reused in order to keep our landfills, our oceans, and our planet clean. The endeavor to recycle as much plastic as possible, however, is incredibly c…Read More

  6. Teaching Kids to Recycle

    There are some things that we do as adults that were instilled in us as children, like covering our mouths when we cough and saying thank you. So many things are learned when kids are growing up, so it’s an excellent time to teach them about recycling, what it is, and why it’s important. For kids, the concept of recycling starts with the very basics, not necessarily which bin to put a water bo…Read More

  7. How to Improve Your Company’s Recycling

    Throughout the average day, an employee will throw out a variety of items that could be recycled, including coffee cups, to-go containers, water bottles, and food containers. When these items are simply thrown in the trash, they will most likely end up in a landfill, where they will sit for decades. In today’s environment, where landfills are growing and growing, it is everyone’s responsibilit…Read More

  8. The Five-Step Recycling Process of Polypropylene

    Everyday, millions of Americans participate in local recycling programs to do their part in preserving our environment and preventing our landfills from overflowing. Two of the most commonly recycled items are polypropylene plastic water bottles and yogurt cups, and if you’ve ever wondered what happens to these items once they go in the recycle bin, this article is for you. KW Plastics is the wo…Read More

  9. The Story of KW Plastics

    When manufacturers need high-quality recycled plastic resins, there’s a reason why many of them turn to KW Plastics. Over the course of the last 36 years, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the plastics recycling industry — a name of unsurpassed quality, entrepreneurship, and innovation. In today’s article, we’ll take a walk down memory lane and review the milestones that have made us th…Read More

  10. Need High-Quality Recycled Plastic Resin?

    As the world’s largest plastics recycler, we know a thing or two about plastic resins here at KW Plastics. We take pride in our recycling process from beginning to end, and we are happy to provide a sustainable manufacturing solution to many of the world’s largest brands. Whether we are buying bales of plastic scrap or extruding the processed plastic into high-quality polyethylene and polyprop…Read More