Although KW Plastics is the world’s largest plastics recycler for HDPE and PP, we don’t consider ourselves simply as recyclers. We are HDPE and PP resin suppliers, providing sustainable solutions to the world’s largest brands. With more than 100 million pounds of silo capacity and equipment to process over a billion pounds annually, KW boasts the industry’s largest capacities for blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, and blown film. KW is not just a recycling company. We are a recycled resin pellets supplier! Let us be your sustainable solution.

KW Plastics and KW Plastics Recycling Division produce a wide range of polyethylene and polypropylene innerpage-image-resinpost-consumer resins (PCR) for the personal care, automotive, agriculture, construction, pipe, paint & coatings, recreation, and flexible packaging/sheet applications industries. Our quality HDPE resins and PP resins can benefit your business, too! Click here to learn more about the quality resins we sell!

You’ll find our HDPE and PP resins in virtually in every home in the U.S. Take a look under the kitchen sink, on the bathroom shelves, in the laundry room, out in the garage, in the garden, or under the hood of your car. Products made with KW resin touch lives on a daily basis.

KW Plastics is an ISO:9001-2015 registered facility with ISO-IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab.

KW Plastics is a private company, headquartered in Troy, Alabama.

KW Plastics of Troy, KW Plastics of California, KW Plastics Recycling Division, and KW Container are separate entities with the same owners and are considered sister companies. The group of KW companies is also affiliated with Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, one of the nation’s leading common motor carriers operating in 48 states and Canada.

Each of the affiliate companies work together to provide closed loop solutions, seamless logistics and a strong network of resources to our suppliers and customers.

The famous “Smiley Face Silo” is the world’s largest industrial silo, holding up to 30 million lbs. of raw material. The local landmark stands as a testament to the commitment KW has to recycling and ensuring enough capacity to meet our customers’ demands.

KW Plastics is considered the world’s largest reprocessor for HDPE and PP resins. KW Plastics boasts the largest capacities to purchase, store, and reprocess plastic resin:

  • 100 million pounds in silo capacity and equipment
  • One billion pounds in annual production
  • Extrusion lines range from 6” to 12” with both single and twin-screw extruders


  • KW Plastics is presently the only recycler to hold UL Certification and the first recycler to receive the Ford Q1 Supplier Award (1994).
  • Our KWR621 FDA has received two FDA letters of non-objection and is a food grade PP resin approved for 100% content.
  • KW Plastics holds certification for HDPE automotive air management systems and has been awarded with numerous supplier certification and awards.
  • KW Plastics an industry-leader in recycled plastics and an active member in several recycling, application, and/or manufacturing-specific organizations.

These include: