KW Plastics is proud to provide the world’s largest brands with sustainable manufacturing solutions. Our versatile polypropylene (PP) resin has been quality tested to meet all American Society for Testing (ASTM) standards so you can be sure our plastic resin pellets will equate to an exceptional finished product for your company! Suitable for injection molding, our PP resins offer no-break impact strength under a variety of applications. From the food service industry to the automotive industry, our PP resins have served many manufacturer for more than 30 years. Additionally, depending on the variety, our PP resins are available in mixed-color, pre-colored black, and pre-colored gray varieties. Click on each resin below to read more on it’s color availability, regulatory information, properties, qualities and characteristics. For additional information, questions, or to place your order, contact our sales and marketing team today!

KWR621-20 FDA


KW 621

KW 622-20