Throughout the average day, an employee will throw out a variety of items that could be recycled, including coffee cups, to-go containers, water bottles, and food containers. When these items are simply thrown in the trash, they will most likely end up in a landfill, where they will sit for decades.

In today’s environment, where landfills are growing and growing, it is everyone’s responsibility to create a habit of recycling the plastics that we use each day. For companies throughout the country and the employees who work there, there is a way to be proactive about recycling, there are programs that encourage recycling, and it is possible to make a difference, however small it may seem to be.

At KW Plastics, we are passionate about fostering a habit of recycling in everyone. Throughout years of experience as a plastic recycling company, we have developed and tested methods for recycling plastic scrap, HDPE rigid, natural, and pigmented bales, PP bales, PP battery chips, and PP tubs and lid bales. We understand that each plastic item has a journey, from the manufacturing plant to the consumer, and hopefully to the plastics recycler, where it can be recycled into another item. However, there are millions of pieces of plastic that are missing that crucial step in the journey: being thrown into a recycling bin. So what can your company do about it?

Educate Your Employees

For so many people, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is all too true. When an employee doesn’t see how much waste is being thrown out each day, and what percentage of that could be recycled, they don’t think about it. Over the course of a day, week, or month, collect information on how much waste the company has created. And if possible, put together some facts or visuals for the employees. When they can see how much plastic waste they are creating, they will be more likely to try to recycle.

Keep It Simple, but Accurate

As a plastic recycling company, we understand the system and what requirements there are for each type of plastic that is recycled. Each item that is recyclable will have a symbol on it along with a number, which tells you what type of plastic it is and how it can be recycled. In a typical office, there may be one bin for paper, one for aluminum, and another for plastic items, but the plastic bin is rarely separated into the type of plastic. When your company places bins in break rooms or kitchen areas, be sure that there are several options and that each bin is labeled appropriately. Make the labels easy to understand as well, so it’s as simple and convenient as possible for your employees to recycle.

Implement a Recycling Program

A recycling program can be so much more than just setting out bins that employees may or may not even use. To have a successful program, it starts with training and educating, and also incorporates ongoing action steps to ensure everyone is always up-to-date with current goals.

  • Include a section during orientation and training for new hires, where they can be informed of your company’s recycling program, goals, and to let them know how important it is.
  • Assign someone to be a recycling leader, or if someone wants to volunteer, have them periodically make sure that recycling signs are visible and that the recycling process is being followed.
  • Send occasional emails as a reminder that your company strives to be proactive about recycling.
  • Create company goals and determine a method of tracking your progress.

Make It a Competition

Creating a friendly competition will make recycling fun. Each department can compete against each other to increase recycling and reduce waste. Remember, it’s not just about recycling plastics, but also about using materials that can be reused, like glass.

Where Is the Plastic Going?

If your company works in an office building that has a building manager, make sure they are aware that your company is recycling and the items need to be taken to a recycling plant or plastic recycling company. The building manager should also inform the maintenance crews so that they handle the recycling bins correctly.

Create a Green Office

There are a variety of ways that offices can reduce the amount of paper and plastic they use in the first place.

  • Send documents electronically.
  • Create signs by printers to warn of overusing printer paper.
  • Print back-to-back on paper when it is necessary to print a document.
  • Ask employees to bring utensils from home rather than using plastic utensils.
  • Ask employees to use reusable drinking cups and coffee mugs.

In an effort to make our world cleaner, KW Plastics has been at the forefront of recycling technology and ensuring each plastic item is recycled and reused. As a plastic recycling company, we believe education is where it all starts, and we rely on businesses like yours to help us with our efforts. Learn more about the plastic scrap materials we buy and also check out what we do with it. If your company wants to help us recycle the world’s plastic, get in touch with our team today.