Wooden garden boxes, patios, and decks can be beautiful additions to exterior spaces. However, because of its porous nature, traditional timber can be subject to rot, mildew, and other types of water damage if not sealed properly and maintained regularly. Thankfully, the advent of recycled plastic lumber (RPL) has made these concerns a thing of the past. For years, many manufacturers have relied on quality resins, like those KW Plastics produces, to create these long-lasting commodities, and we can assist your company as well! In our previous article, we discussed different types of RPL and its various compositions. Today we will briefly take a look at a few of the many advantages that this building and landscaping material has over its virgin lumber counterpart. If you have customers who are on the fence between traditional lumber and RPL applications, reviewing the following information may help them out.


Nobody likes spending the weekend sanding and staining or painting their deck, railings, or other surfaces. Standard wooden surfaces, treated and untreated alike, require frequent maintenance to prevent rot, breakage, or other wear and tear ailments. RPL is virtually maintenance-free and comes in a variety of colors straight from the factory, and it can easily be cleaned with a garden hose or pressure washer. The low-maintenance quality of RPL can save consumers time and money in the long run.

Resistant to Insect Damage

If you’ve ever seen what termites and other pests can do to wood, you know firsthand just how important it is that your outdoor surfaces be impervious to termite and other insect damage. Because it is composed from recycled plastic resin, RPL is extremely resistant to insects. This will save your customers from having to replace their wood structures prematurely, and it will also save them on pest-control expenses.


If customers live in a neighborhood or community where vandalism occurs frequently, RPL can be a great option! In the event of graffiti or other vandalism occurs, RPL surfaces can be easily cleaned and/or repaired. The plastic resin component of RPL prevents paint and stain of most kinds from permanently adhering to its surface. In the event of graffiti damage, there are many inexpensive graffiti-removal products on the market that will not harm RPL.


Because it is maintenance-free and impervious to insect and vandalism damage, RPL is a long-lasting material many homeowners and contractors have come to count on. Because it lasts so much longer than lumber, it rarely needs to be replaced, which keeps lumber waste and natural resource destruction to a minimum. It is also a green alternative that gives new life to many recyclable plastic goods.

When it comes to producing reliable products for consumers, KW Plastics shares your passion for quality and excellence! Regardless of what kind of RPL product your company specializes in, our clean, superior plastic resin is sure to complement your manufacturing process. Additionally, when you partner with the world’s largest plastics recycler, your product is backed by more than 30 years of excellence in the recycled plastic industry. Contact our sales department today to learn more about our plastic resin supply process.