If you have bales of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) at your plastic recycling collection facility that you need to get off of your hands, KW Plastics is your go-to plastics recycling company. We purchase a wide variety of plastic scrap materials, and in today’s post, we will review the five specific types of plastic scrap materials that we buy. If you have bales of any of these materials, we would love to speak with you! Contact our purchasing team today!

Types of Plastic Scrap We Purchase

HDPE Bulky Rigids

Plastic recycling collection centers can expect to find themselves with many different types of plastic on their hands, including wide-mouthed containers, like gasoline containers, and oversized items, like plastic lawn furniture and laundry baskets. Often referred to as “Plastic #2,” HDPE is one of the most widely recycled plastics. Selling them to a plastics recycler is not only beneficial for your bottom line, it also helps keep this popular type of plastic out of landfills. Any bulky rigid bales that you wish to sell should contain items made from injection-grade HDPE. The bale should also be free of any type of metal and of a high quality integrity — please avoid storing your bales uncovered outdoors for more than a month before shipping them to us.

HDPE Natural and Pigmented

In addition to HDPE bulky rigids, you might find yourself with many bales of blow mold-grade HDPE bottles on your hands. These postconsumer plastic products are one of the most recycled items in the industry, and may be either natural in color or pigmented with solid or mixed-color pellets. Popular HDPE natural and pigmented items like milk jugs, water bottles, soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, and similar products. Because these items are so popular, many plastic recycling collection centers find themselves overwhelmed with the number of bales they have. KW Plastics offers a solution, and we would love to purchase your clean, properly baled natural and pigmented HDPE plastic scrap.


Flexible intermediate bulk containers are designed to ship and store dry products that flow easily. These bags are primarily fabricated with woven polypropylene to provide a bag that is as flexible as it is strong, and their unique qualities make these bags essential for manufacturers and retailers of sand, fertilizer, resin, seeds, and even polypropylene pellets! While they are not quite as numerous as HDPE bulky rigids and bottles, your collection center will likely still wind up with a large amount of FIBCs to be baled and sold to a plastics recycler. Because of their various components, like handles, other plastic components may be part of your bale, however, we ask that you keep materials like polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) to a minimum.

PP Tubs and Lids

Because it is safe and so versatile, polypropylene is the type of plastic that is most commonly used in the manufacturing of food-grade tubs and lids. While many consumers have difficulty distinguishing between household items made from polypropylene and high-density polyethylene, the plastics are very different. Because of this, polypropylene items should be separated and baled individually from high-density polyethylene items. KW Plastics accepts bales of both thermoform and blow mold polypropylene tubs and lids, and your bales may contain items such as yogurt cups, margarine tubs and lids, food trays, and hot-fill bottles. As with the other types of bales we purchase, please ensure that your bales are clean and have not been stored uncovered outdoors for more than a month before shipping them to us.

PP Battery Chips

When KW Plastics first entered the plastics recycling industry back in 1981, we were committed to reducing the amount of plastic that was growing rapidly in landfills, and our humble beginnings centered around collecting and processing used car battery cases. Remaining true to our roots, we continue to purchase bales of polypropylene battery chips to this day, and if you have bales of this material at your collection facility, we would love to speak with you. This post-consumer plastic scrap can be melted down and transformed into high-quality polypropylene resins that are used to make new car battery cases, bumpers, and other plastic vehicle parts. Please prepare your battery cases for proper processing by grinding them into three- to five-inch pieces and contact our purchasing team today!

We Want Your HDPE and PP Plastic Scrap Bales

At KW Plastics, we are the world’s largest plastics recycler, and we pride ourselves on producing high-quality HDPE and PP resin that all begins with clean plastic scrap base materials. If you have bales of HDPE and PP plastic that are crowding your collection facility, we would love to be your partner in making the world a cleaner, better place to live. Contact our team today to get started!