Are you thinking about using a more environmentally-friendly product for your next manufacturing venture? Have you considered exploring the world of recycled plastics? High-density polyethylene (commonly referred to as HDPE) is just one of the many plastics on the market today that is growing in popularity. Given its versatility, its recycled counterpart may be just the product you are searching for. Here at KW Plastics, we are the world’s largest plastics recycler and we know plastic! Today, we will take a look at how recycled HDPE may be a good option for your next product.


Aside from polypropylene (PP), HDPE in its pure, non-recycled form is arguably one of the most popular choices in plastics manufacturing, and for good reason. You’ll see it in a variety of applications, from milk jugs to backyard furniture. What is it about HDPE that makes it so popular? HDPE is so widely used because it is:

  • Malleable. One of HDPE’s primary benefits is that it is extremely malleable, meaning that it can be molded into virtually any shape.
  • Lightweight and durable. HDPE is impact resistant from -40 C to 90 C. We can be thankful for this characteristic when our child drops the milk jug on the floor or throws their new toy down the stairs! Additionally, there’s a reason why car manufacturers prefer HDPE for their fuel tanks.
  • Moisture resistant. Clearly this is a very important characteristic of anything that carries water or holds food. This allows the material to resist mold, rot, and insects — always a plus!
  • Long lasting and weather resistant. This is extremely important given some of the applications of the material. Often used in outdoor furniture, it is important that HDPE be able to withstand the extremes of changing seasons without becoming brittle or structurally compromised.

Recycled HDPE

If HDPE sounds like a good fit for you, you may be happy to know that recycled HDPE has proven to be almost as versatile as non-recycled HDPE. KW Plastics is proud to offer a variety of HDPE resins to meet your manufacturing needs. HDPE has many of the same characteristics as listed above, but at a fraction of the cost. There are many uses for recycled HDPE, including:

  • Plastic jugs and bottles. Do you manufacture or sell a product that comes in a plastic bottle? Our recycled HDPE resin can make your manufacturing process more cost-effective!
  • Indoor and outdoor playground and park equipment. Given its malleability and durability, HDPE plastic scrap is ideal for outdoor park furniture. We have several options when it comes to custom resin solutions, from color to UV stability.
  • Outdoor lawn chairs. Just as non-recycled HDPE is highly weather resistant, so is its recycled counterpart!
  • Plastic decking for outdoor decks and patios. Say goodbye to splintering wood decks. Our plastic resins can be customized to suit your needs from impact modification to color.

When it comes to the world of plastic manufacturing, there are a lot of plastics to choose from. Why not consider reducing your impact on the environment while using a versatile and long-lasting option? KW Plastics has the post-consumer resins to meet any application. Contact our sales and marketing team today to further discuss your needs!