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Post Consumer PE & PP Resins

KW Plastics and KW Plastics Recycling produce HDPE, MDPE, and PP Post Consumer Resins. Our focus on quality, consistency, and scale, coupled with leading- edge recycling and extrusion technologies permits us to work with processors and end-users to meet challenging needs.

Our wide array of washing and extrusion platforms provides KW and KWR the edge in providing the right Post Consumer PE & PP Resins for your applications. Our legendary technical support and resin development capabilities are available to help you solve your resin needs.

We offer a CORE PE & PP RESINS PORTFOLIO. Additionally, we can provide custom resin solutions which include:

  • Impact Modification
  • Mineral Reinforcement
  • Color
  • UV Stability
  • UL Listing

Please contact our SALES & MARKETING TEAM to further discuss your needs. Also, please feel free to click the links below for additional information for our CORE RESINS PORTFOLIO.

Blow Molding Injection Molding Pipe & Corrugated Extrusion Sheet Extrusion Blown Film
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